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Hai, I'm Muhammed Nesmal Living In Kerala , Kollam. I Am A Cyber Security Student. I Am Very Passionate To Cyber Security And Ethical Hacking. I Have Been Working In Digital Marketing Field About 1 Year. I Have Developed Various Websites In Various Platforms From Age Of 14 Under My Base . At age 16 i founded a bug on one of the Google’s App and got Honourable Mention from Google and Certified as a Google Bughunter. I Am Still Passionate To Learn More Programming Languages And My Goal In Life Is To Be A Full Stack Developer , You Can Either Contact Me Via Discord Or Instagram.

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I am Specialized At HTML,CSS,JS.

Digital Marketing

Digital Media Promoter

Ethical Hacker

Cyber Security Enthusiast

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My Creative Skills & Experiences.

Bug Hunter, Web Developer, Game Server Developer, Experienced In C Languages, Lua, Web Languages, Mysql, MariaDB
Linux User, Digital Marketing Expert, Social Media Promoter, Tech Journalist, Security Analyst

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Web Languages 90%
MySQL 65%
C Oriented Languages 75%
Python 45%
Lua 70%

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Muhammed Nesmal
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